Content Posting Request Form

The Digital Communications Unit is happy to post messages, events and calls to action on our social media channels where we feel the content is appropriate for public consumption.

We will also consider content suggestions for the webpage.


Twitter is our online media channel for news, announcements, and very timely content. Posts with great images and attention grabbing videos do better than just text. If you want to promote an event happening in Valenzuela City, please e-mail


Our Facebook page runs social media campaigns and we generally post at least thrice a day. Our Facebook audience is mainly Valenzuela residents and those who work/study in Valenzuela City. Posts with great images and attention grabbing videos achieve much better reach. Our content are scheduled so please consult with us as we maintain a content calendar.


We have an Instagram account where we post images taken in Valenzuela City, the people of Valenzuela City and life in Valenzuela City.


We have a YouTube channel where we also post video content. If you want to have your video posted or shared, make sure it doesn’t have copyright issues.

If you would like to know more about appropriate channels for posting your content, or discuss the presentation of your post, please e-mail

Please supply the following information and a contact email in case we need to clarify something with you. All requests are subject for review and approval.

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