Valenzuela City's 3S Plus in Public Service Program


When Mayor WIN Gatchalian assumed office in 2004, the total income of Valenzuela City was only PhP 874 million. The city government needed to shore up its income to deliver adequate public services to the almost 600,000 residents then. Good governance and being a business friendly city served as the framework for boosting investments which could in turn promote economic development. This vision led to the development of 3S (Simple Speed Service Excellence) in Public Service Program which has become Valenzuela City's antigraft and corruption platform to guarantee transparency and good governance.

Under which, the following are applied to transactions with the city government: SIMPLE Processes - streamlined procedures to ensure comfort and convenience of the public; SPEED in Delivery - investment on technology to quickly process every transaction; and SERVICE Excellence - fast and efficient quality service to all.

When Mayor REX Gatchalian took the helm in 2013, he further reinforced the 3S principles by putting the Plus factor through more innovative use of technology which was launched in the landmark project, the Electronic Terminal for Building and Construction Permits Application, along with the Online Tax Billing and Payment, e-Mobile Payment, and POS Payment System using ATM and VISA card.

3S Plus is the encapsulation of these initiatives to speed up all business-related application procedures, thereby ensuring an investment-friendly environment to all levels of business enterprise in the city from micro, small, medium to large-scale and promoting the growth of business to boost the local economy.

It aims to: 1) minimize graft and corruption to a zero level; 2) change the employer-employee culture at the city government; 3) simplify and streamline processes in transacting business with the city government; and, 4) engagement of the public in providing insight on governance.

Processes for obtaining business permits were streamlined from 10 complicated procedures into three simple and easy steps: 1) Receiving, 2) Assessment & Payment, and 3) Releasing. Internal rules and procedures were rationalized for faster processing of documents. The number of signatories was reduced and licenses are released in a record time of 15 minutes or less.

Inter-linkages of the ICT systems of finance offices: the offices of the Business Permits and Licensing, Assessor's, Building Official, Treasury, Accounting and Budget allowstransactions to be faster and more efficient, without the clients tediously transferring from one office to the other just for verification.

The 3S Plus is a major contributor to the dramatic increase in the resources of the city government, which in turn are used in scaled up quality services for the constituency. On the average, the income of the city grows at about 12 percent annually. Valenzuela City derives 57 percent of its income from local sources.

This landmark program has garnered several nods from award-giving institutions, including the Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry's Most Business Friendly Highly Urbanized City award in the years 2012 and 2014; the 2012 Galing Pook Award for Innovations and Excellence in Local Governance; the 2014 Jesse Robredo Award of Excellence in ICT for Good Governance - Best in eGov Business Empowerment Award Category from the National ICT Confederation of the Philippines (NICP), Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG) and Globe Telecom; and 2014 E-Readiness Leadership Award from the Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG), Department of Science and Technology (DOST) Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), and the USAID INVEST Project.


What/who should have a businesss license?
Those who need business licenses are all types of business entities, whether proprietorships, partnerships or corporations, that wish to operate in Valenzuela City.

Is Business License a tax?
No. A business license is not a form of tax, but a document that shows that the business is legally registered with the City Government.

Do I need a license if my business is outside Valenzuela City, but my customers are inside the city?
If a business offers services within Valenzuela City, the answer is yes. But if the business operates outside the city and only delivers products or services to the city, then the answer is no.

How can I apply for a business license?
You must first obtain an application form either through our website or from the Business Permit and Licensing Office (BPLO) at the Bulwagang Geronimo Angeles (Finance Center Building), New Valenzuela City Government Complex.Accomplish the form, prepare the indicated requirements, and submit your documents to the BPLO.

What are the fees for obtaining a business license?
Business license fees are determined based on the classification of the corporate entity as assessed by the BPLO. Renewal fees are based on the gross annual sales of the entity from the previous year.To know the classification of your business, visit the BPLO at the Bulwagang Geronimo Angeles, Valenzuela City Hall.

Do I need to renew the business license?
Yes. You must renew your license every year. There are specific requirements for renewal of business licenses.

Who is exempt from the city business license requirement?
Co-operatives, non-profit organizations and fuel stations are exempted from the requirement.

What are the penalties if I don't register for, or renew, a business license?
Late applications are fined a 25% surcharge and 2% interest per month. Businesses operating without a license are served a notice of closure and an order to seek a business license.

How long is the license in effect?
Business licenses are valid for one year.

Under what circumstances is a business license denied?
A business may be denied a license if its owner fails to provide all requirements.