City Government Offices
Health Office
OFFICE HEAD : Dr. Marthony “Ato” P. Basco, MD, MPH, FPPS
OFFICE NUMBER : 8352-1000 loc. 1111
OFFICE ADDRESS : 1st Floor Legislative Building,
New City Government Complex
MacArthur Highway, Barangay Karuhatan,
Valenzuela City, Philippines 1440
The Health Office is responsible for the provision of promotional, preventive, curative and rehabilitative services for the city’s citizens. The health programs cover maternal health, childcare, degenerative and infectious diseases, and particularly, the promotion of a healthy lifestyle by competent health workers to improve overall quality of life.

List of Services:

1. Availment of maternal care services at the health center
2. Request for consultation
3. Valenzuela City Emergency Hospital laboratory services
4. Availment of postpartum care at the health center
5. Availment of reproductive health services (Social Hygiene Clinic)
6. Availment of medical consultation for employees
7. Application for the issuance of medical certificate
8. Request for review of death certificate
9. Request for ECG examination
10. Request for rabies exposure treatment
11. Request for laboratory services (main health office)
12. Request for health center laboratory services (OPD)
13. Application for health permit for food and non-food handlers
14. Availment of the expanded program on immunization services at the health center
15. Availment of prenatal care services at the health center
16. Request for dental certificate (main health office / health center)
17. Availment of dental services (main health office / health center)