Facts & Figures
Educational Facilities Public Private Total
Day Care Centers 189 0 189
Primary 40 81 121
Secondary 25 37 62
Tertiary 2 10 12
Technical 1 12 13

Health Facilities Public Private Total
Hospitals 1 7 8
Health Centers 45 0 45
Satelite Centers 8 1 9
Lying-In Clinics 9 2 11
Laboratory/ Microscopy 24 14 38
Quality Assurance Center 1 0 1
Animal Bite Clinic 5 6 11
PPMD Unit 1 1 2
Physical Therapy 3 2 5
Specialty Clinic 2 5 7
Social Hygiene Clinic 1 0 1
Employees Clinic 2 0 2

Recreational Facilities Total
Parks & Playgrounds 6
Covered Courts 70
Open Courts 31
Resorts 28
Hotels/Motels 2
Cinemas/Theaters 2
Cockpit Arena 1

The legend on how Barangay Lingunan got its namesake can be traced down during the pre-colonial times through word of mouth.

It was believed that in a small balangay, there lived a couple with a lovely daughter. She was a beautiful lady blessed with stunning eyes that tend to gaze and wander, scanning the scenic views around her. Because of that, she was named Lingap.

When the Spaniards arrived to conquer their little barrio, the natives were so terrified that they evacuated the place immediately. During the onslaught, Lingap’s father told her to take a pillow which contains their family’s jewelry. Her father called out, “Lingap ang unan!”

One of the Spaniards overheard them saying the word “Lingunan”. Wondering what might the word mean, he called Lingap’s family. “Alto! Alto! Espera un momento (Stop! Stop! Wait a minute!),” he shouted at them.

Because they did not understand his language, they perceived it as a sign of threat towards them. The Spaniards misheard his remark and thus called their newly conquered area as "Lingunan."

Since its establishment, these were the following Tinentes of the barrio:

1.    Vicente de Jesus

2.    Eleuterio de Gavo

3.    Paulino Gregorio

4.    Pio Sto. Domingo

5.    Anastacio Francisco

6.    Domingo Fernando

7.    Crisanto Sta. Cruz

During the Spanish and American occupation, the place was a thriving agricultural area.

Besides a rich history of the barangay's namesake, another interesting trivia is that Lingunan residents only celebrate their fiesta of the Holy Trinity with food and embellishments every other year. Landmarks in the barangay include the Chateau Valenzuela condominium, Lingunan Elementary School and the Holy Trinity Chapel.




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