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Precinct-on-Wheels to Bring Police Closer to Communities
Photo by: Mark Cayabyab
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The local police in Valenzuela City is enhancing its community relations with the help of a one-of-a-kind police truck.
Launched on May 11 at the Mabolo Covered Court, the Valenzuela Police-On-Wheels is used not only to apprehend crimes but to conduct police community relations activities as well, such as interfaith dialogues.
Practically a moving police precinct, the VPOW is an L-300 truck with a compact office inside. It is also stocked with search and rescue equipment.
Since the launch, two VPOWs have been roving around the city every day, run by three three-person teams that are working in shifts. Mayor REX Gatchalian said the city government has plans to add ten more VPOWs within the year.
As in any precinct, residents can file complaints at the VPOW.  Mayor REX said the trucks also have strong potential as crime deterrents.
“With these trucks driving around the city, anyone would think twice before committing any crime,” said Mayor REX. “People would also feel more secure when they know a VPOW would pull over at their street any time of the day.”
Crime rate in the city has been pegged at 36.4 per 100,000 people for the last eight months.
Serving the 650, 328 city residents are 475 police officers, or about 1 officer for every 1, 369 residents.
Police officers also bring a VPOW with them when holding lectures in grassroots communities. These lectures tackle crime prevention and law awareness.
Valenzuela City Police Chief P/S Supt. Rhoderick Armamento said the VPOW will also be present during other community events such as tree planting, medical missions, and sports tournaments.
Armamento also said the local police will hold interfaith activities that would bring together residents from different religions.
These efforts are consistent with the CODE P − Competence, Organizational Reform, Discipline, Excellence and Professionalism − the Philippine National Police’s organizational reform program, Armamento added.
In 2013, the VCPS was cited by the PNP with a Certificate of Performance Governance Report for posting a 49-per-cent crime solution efficiency rate, the only police station in the country to have been conferred with the recognition.
2014-05-19 | By: Rafael C. Cañete

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