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Education Summit 2022 to Boost Education Programs in Valenzuela City
On To The Future
Mayor WES Gatchalian laid out his future plans, particularly with education programs at the Valenzuela City Education Summit 2022 at the WES Arena on September 24, 2022. After being awarded by “Galing Pook” Education 360 Degrees Investment Program continues to create programs with the goal of providing more holistic and comprehensive approaches. Followed by attending Focus Group Discussions (FGD), the Local Chief executive along with the guide of the Division of City Schools Valenzuela and Synergeia Foundation concluded to add educational programs such as Big Brother and Big Sister Teaching Camp, Lolo Lola Teaching Camp, Solo Parent Teaching Camp, and Developmental Program. Educational. (Kaye Magno, Photo/Text)
Photo by: Kaye Magno
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Needs of A Student
After a two-year hiatus due to the pandemic, the Valenzuela City Education Summit happen at the WES Arena, Barangay Punturin on September 24, 2022. Division of City Schools Valenzuela in partnership with Synergeia Foundation gathered groups of Solo Parents, Students and Parents from SPED, Student Leaders, School Heads, and Senior Citizens for a workshop and forum to address the needs of every student. Following the successful Reading and Teaching Camp, the said event is set to cater to every student’s essentials. (Kaye Magno, Photo/Text)
Photo by: Kaye Magno
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Reading Camp Victors

Representatives from Parada Elementary School receive the computer set reward for
topping the post-evaluation of the recently concluded Valenzuela Reading Camp. They
garnered a total of 50.38% increment from the pre-test to the post-test. Other school which
also topped the performance in the said program were Arcadio F. Deato Elementary
School second, Pasolo Elementary School third, San Miguel Heights Elementary School
fourth, and Roberta De Jesus Elementary School, fifth place.

(Kaye Magno, Photo/Text)

Photo by: Kaye Magno
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Bannering Valenzuela City’s Education 360 Degrees Investment Program, led by Mayor WES Gatchalian, held the first Education Summit under his term at the WES Arena, Barangay Punturin, September 24.

Way back in the year 2008, when then Valenzuela City Mayor and now Senator WIN Gatchalian pioneered the Education Summit in the city. As the need to innovate a solidified solution that will solve the problems in the public educational system in Valenzuela City, the Summit was brought over the table. The initiative was made possible through the generous assistance from the Synergeia Foundation.

Through this education program, the local government was able to point-out the invisible problems in the education sector. This also paved the way for opinions, suggestions and solutions that might help ease the then existing struggles in the sector.

Fast forward to year 2014, when then Mayor and now the 1st District Representative REX Gatchalian, who succeeded Senator WIN vowed to continue the educational programs that his predecessor started. Cong. REX held his own Education Summit to lay down his plans for the education sector.  He played his mayoral responsibilities, aiming to equal the achievements of the past administration.  The Summit gave birth to the Education 360 Degrees Investment program.

Education 360 Degrees Investment Program made learning more student-centric, holistic, systemic, and community-driven. This initiative from Cong. REX managed to bag multiple local and international awards, including the most-coveted Galing Pook Awards in 2015, giving pride to every Valenzuelano.

The Gatchalian brand of leadership lives on with Mayor WES on the helm. He anchored the foundation of some of his projects on the gains of the past administration. He knows how important it is for the city government to focus on educational struggles so he prioritized the holding of an Education Summit this yea      r.

Mayor WES, still with the help and support of the Synergeia Foundation, innovates different programs to help the Valenzuelano educators and students recover from the two-year drought of being away from the physical school system due to the health crisis brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Mayor WES took the opportunity to get feedbacks from the participants composed of public elementary school teachers, SPED educators, student leaders, parent-teacher association and senior citizens. Some of the feedbacks were about the continuity of the education programs, balanced life, and strengthened family. Most of the groups who joined the education rally want the local government to focus on the educational solutions that will leave remarkable effects, and at the same time will give the people more time to spend with their family.

Mayor WES assured the Education Summit’s participants that he will find ways to address the issues currently confronting the education system in the City.



2022-09-24 | By: Regino Morata Jr.

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