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Valenzuela Calls for Voluntary Declaration of Undeclared and Underdeclared Real Property; Offers Tax Relief for Second Half of 2021
Valenzuela Calls for Voluntary Declaration of Undeclared and Underdeclared Real Property; Offers Tax Relief for Second Half of 2021
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In order to somehow ease the burden of real property taxpayers, and urge owners and administrators to declare their buildings and other structures properly and accurately, Valenzuela City grants tax relief to those who will voluntarily disclose their previously undeclared or underdeclared real property from June to December 2021.

This is made possible through Ordinance No. 882, Series of 2021, or the "Voluntary Disclosure and Declaration of Real Properties" authored by District 1 Councilor Hon. Rovin Andrew Feliciano.

By law, all real property owners and administrators in Valenzuela City are duty-bound to prepare and file a sworn statement "declaring the true value of their property, whether previously declared or undeclared, taxable or exempt" to the City Assessor's Office.

Aside from providing the current and fair market worth of the property as determined by its owner or administrator, the declaration must also include a detailed description of the property for assessment purposes.

Real Property Tax (RPT) Declaration will be issued upon completion of the following requirements: 1) application form of Intent to Avail of Voluntary Disclosure; 2) notarized Sworn Declaration of Real Property; 3) perspective and floor plan; 4) colored photos of the real property to be declared, and 5) Proof of Ownership for real properties, if property is not in the name of the lot or land owner.

Assessments and reassessments made under this Ordinance will be effective on the first day of January 2021 only. This covers real properties declared for the first time as these should have already been assessed for taxes for the time period they should have been charged.

The amnesty for real property taxpayers, however, does not apply to delinquent real properties due for public auction sale by the city government, real properties which are subject of pending cases and/or litigation, and all properties awaiting expropriation.

No Back Taxes, No Interest

Once the owner or administrator receives the notice of assessment, payment must be made on or before the end of the quarter following the date of the said notice. No interest penalty will be charged for delinquent payments until December 2021.

However, beginning January 2022, RPT will be subject to a monthly interest rate of two percent (2%) or a fraction thereof, from January 2021 until the taxes shall have been paid in full.

Tax Mapping Operations and Geographical Information Discoveries will be temporarily suspended while the Ordinance is in effect.


For submission of declaration documents and other inquiries, please get in touch with the City Assessor's Office at 8352-1000 local 1367. Taxpayers are still encouraged to pay via the 3S Plus Valenzuela City Online Services or “Paspas Permit” at https://online.valenzuela.gov.ph/.

2021-05-26 | By: Janine Aguarino / Public Information Office

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