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Valenzuela City Introduces Dog Registration and Microchipping via ‘ValPets’ App
Valenzuela City Introduces Dog Registration and Microchipping via ‘ValPets’ App
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With the introduction of the Valenzuela City Pets App or ValPets, Valenzuelano dog owners need not worry anymore should their pets go missing. The creation of ValPets, launched on March 5, is mandated by Ordinance No. 848, Series of 2021, or the Valenzuela City Pet Registration and Adoption Ordinance.

The Ordinance likewise endeavors to appoint Barangay Animal Control Teams (BACTs) within the City to administer and control stray animals in their respective areas. Since mid-February of this year, BACTs have been deployed to fulfill this purpose in the most humane way possible.

ValPets explained

Authored by District 1 Councilor Atty. Walter Magnum dela Cruz, the ValPets Ordinance seeks to amend Sections 6 and 7 of Ordinance No. 131, Series of 2014 or the Anti-Rabies Ordinance. Under this new ordinance, an improved dog registration platform is to be instituted and implemented.  Further, a list of prohibited acts punishable in accordance with the provisions of the Ordinance is also provided.

Through the ValPets registration system, pet owners are required to register and have their dogs implanted with radio frequency identification (RFID) microchips provided by City Veterinary Services Office (CVSO).  The RFID microchips will serve as their permanent ID and will store their vaccination records.

The CVSO assures that the implants are totally safe and will not harm the pets in any way.

As the microchips bear the name and address of the pet owner, any transfer of ownership or change of address must be reported to the CVSO within 30 days from its effectivity. Tampering with the RFID implants and its unauthorized removal or transfer to another dog or animal are also forbidden. Violators of any of the Ordinance’s provisions shall be meted with penalties.

Once a lost pet is captured or turned over to the CVSO, the staff can just scan the microchip implant to trace the owner and verify other details. Photos and information on the missing dogs will then be posted on the ValPets website (
www.valpets.appcase.net). Pet owners are encouraged to check out this website if their dogs go missing and later claim their missing pets from the Valenzuela City Pound located at Rubber Master Road in Barangay Lingunan. They also have the option to have their dogs delivered to their homes. Payment can be made online through the ValPets website via PayMaya.

Pets that will not be claimed after three (3) calendar days from the date of capture will be put up for adoption by the CVSO for a period of seven (7) calendar days, the information in which will be posted also on the ValPets website.  

As the City Government of Valenzuela has always been an advocate for responsible pet ownership, it encourages the adoption of captured stray animals or abandoned pets. It also strives to look for suitable foster homes and responsible adopters for every animal impounded at the Valenzuela City Pound under Ordinance No. 651, Series of 2020 or the Barangay Animal Regulation and Keeping (BARK) Ordinance.

The CVSO decides if the qualified and vetted animals is fit for adoption based on the minimum standards:  1) non-aggressive personality or behavior; 2) healthy and not afflicted with any communicable or non-curable disease, and 3) vaccinated prior to adoption.

Qualified adopters shall undergo the application process with the CVSO. The welfare of the qualified and vetted animals shall serve as the main factor in the assessment of the adopter's suitability and fitness to adopt.

Once under the care of qualified adopters, adopted animals shall then be routinely inspected by the CVSO adopters to ensure that they are not abused or maltreated.

Guidelines for dog registration and microchipping

Starting March 13, all Valenzuelano pet owners are enjoined to bring their healthy, non-pregnant dogs aged three (3) months and above to designated registration and microchipping sites in their barangays.

Registration and microchipping of dogs are free of charge. For this one-time only event, pet owners need to bring an ID and certification as proofs of residency.

Below is the schedule for dog registration, vaccination, and microchipping:

March 13 (Saturday)

9 am – 12 nn

Filrezam Covered Court, Brgy. Canumay West

1 pm – 4 pm

Rincon Covered Court, Brgy. Rincon

March 14 (Sunday)

9 am – 12 nn

Doña Ata Covered Court, Brgy. Marulas

1 pm – 4 pm

Fortune 1, Blue Court, Brgy. Gen. T. de Leon

March 20 (Saturday)

9 am – 12 nn

St. Jude Covered Court, Brgy. Malinta

1 pm – 4 pm

Tagalag Covered Court, Brgy. Tagalag

March 21 (Sunday)

9 am – 12 nn

Ugong Miners Covered Court (Old Brgy. Hall), Brgy. Ugong

1 pm – 4 pm

3S Center Pasolo, Brgy. Pasolo

March 27 (Saturday)

9 am – 12 nn

Bignay Activity Center, Brgy. Bignay

1 pm – 4 pm

3S Center Punturin Covered Court, Brgy. Punturin

March 28 (Sunday)

9 am – 12 nn

Arty 4 Covered Court, Brgy. Karuhatan

1 pm – 4 pm

Tandang Manang Alay Buhay Covered Court, Brgy. Parada

For inquiries regarding the ValPets app, you may contact the City Veterinary Services Office at 8352-2000 local 2111 or the Valenzuela City Pound at 8291-5306.

Tayo na’t maging responsible pet owners dito sa Valenzuela!

Sa Valenzuela City, may ValPets na! Hindi ka na mahihirapan hanapin kung nasaan si Bantay! Watch the video here
2021-03-09 | By: Janine Aguarino / Public Information Office

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