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Valenzuela Takes Stern Measures Against Use of Fake IDs
Photo by: Rodrigo Carganilla de Guzman
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Claiming benefits, receiving salaries or loans and grant of privileges – transactions with the City Hall are simple and fast as government-issued identification cards (IDs) come in handy to avail of public services. But when crisis hits hard, resorting to falsification and abuse of such documents are not considered a thing of the past.

Cases arising from the use of falsified, altered and tampered IDs to claim benefits and receive privileges are common problems encountered by the City Government of Valenzuela. With the timely approval of Ordinance No. 685 Series of 2020 also known as the “Anti-Fake ID Ordinance,” Valenzuela City aims to enact stern measures against people and establishments taking advantage of the use of fake IDs.

The ordinance was formulated to regulate the use of Valenzuela-issued IDs and provide penalty for violations and prohibited acts.

These identification cards include Valenzuela-issued PWD ID (Persons with Disability), OSCA ID (Senior Citizen), Solo Parent ID, Employees’ ID, JODA ID/ TODA ID/ Driver’s Registration (issued by the Traffic Management Division), and all other IDs issued by the city government.

Abuse, misuse, falsification, mutilation, alteration, tampering and other similar acts in any identification card issued by the City Government of Valenzuela will be subjected for administrative penalties -- the 1st offense with a penalty of Php 1,000, 2nd offense with Php 3,000, and the 3rd and succeeding offenses is at Php 5,000.

Any person who will violate the ordinance will also be subjected for a criminal liability, where a criminal case against the offender for gross violation of the ordinance may be filed. An additional charge of Php 500 will be imposed for the cost of filing the case, and a penalty of Php 5,000 or imprisonment of more than six (6) months, or both, once convicted.

Some prohibited acts include the use of fictitious names or false information, unauthorized printing, duplication, reproduction, manufacturing, and preparation or issuance of any invalid ID appearing as the City Government of Valenzuela. Unauthorized use of any Valenzuela-issued ID without the knowledge of the owner is also grounds for violation.

Ordinance No. 685 Series of 2020 or the “Anti-Fake ID Ordinance” was authored by District 2 Councilor Niña Sheila Lopez and was approved this March 30, 2020 during the 33rd Regular Session of the 8th City Council.

2020-04-07 | By: Angelica R. Porciuncula / Public Information Office

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