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Barangay health workers susceptible, cautioned against Ebola
Barangay health workers cautioned against Ebola
Photo by: Jay Exiomo
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The Department of Health (DOH) urged barangay health workers (BHWs) to be vigilant on possible cases of Ebola, a disease that has claimed thousands of lives worldwide.

The DOH gave the advice during the BHW Annual Convention held on Thursday, November 27, at the Valenzuela Astrodome.

Speaking at the seminar, Dr. Anthony San Juan, officer in charge of the Local Health Support Division, said that while the Philippines remains Ebola-free, the government is keeping a close eye on the situation and is making sure that all preventive measures are taken.

San Juan also advised BHWs to take extra care as their job to monitor the health of their respective communities makes them susceptible to highly infectious diseases.

He advised that BHWs should avoid touching infected persons, adding that symptoms include fever, headaches, muscle pain, nausea, rashes, red eyes, and bleeding through the nose, mouth, ears, and eyes.

San Juan said that once a person is suspected of having Ebola, he or she should be brought immediately to the hospital and be quarantined to prevent the virus from spreading. While there are no vaccines or medicines that can cure the disease, early treatment can save a patient’s life.

According to San Juan, there are around 4,700 documented cases of Ebola worldwide, and more than 1,700 Ebola-related deaths. The disease is transmitted through touching or holding an infected person, through blood or other body fluids, and by using contaminated items such as syringes or blanket.

A person who has died of Ebola can still transmit the disease, San Juan said. However, the virus cannot be transmitted through the air, by coughing or sneezing.

People most susceptible to the Ebola virus are those who live or are traveling to affected areas such as West Africa, those who live near an infected person, and those who are caring for Ebola-positive patients, including doctors, nurses and lab workers.

Meanwhile, Mayor REX Gatchalian hailed the BHWs during the convention, calling them heroes for keeping the spirit of volunteerism alive. Mayor REX said that the process of nation-building is possible because of volunteers who provide assistance to the government.

2014-11-27 | By: Jay Exiomo

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