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Jokesters Beware! COVID-19 Jokes Now Prohibited in Valenzuela City
Jokesters Beware! COVID-19 Jokes Now Prohibited in Valenzuela City
Photo by: Rodrigo Carganilla de Guzman
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With the pandemic we are facing, making untruthful claims of infection or the malicious imputation of sickness on another person will stir fear, panic, and anxiety to the whole community. Thus, making it unlawful will keep this crisis as a sensitive and serious matter to all Valenzuelanos.

Since the start of the imposed Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ), it has been almost two months of jiggling and whirling on fears of catching COVID-19 and questions were raised as to when the pandemic would end -- an event in which nobody would have ever imagined that would happen.

With all of the saddening news of the numerous deaths and stories of unsung heroes battling the virus, it has been a thrilling ride that can suppress one’s emotion which can turn to depression.

While everyone is taking safety measures and precautions to carefully surpass this pandemic safe and unharmed, creating panic and commotion by just cracking a joke about having COVID-19 will devastate peace and order of a certain community.

In addition to modified ECQ guidelines in Valenzuela City, Ordinance No. 708, Series of 2020, or “An Ordinance Prohibiting the Malicious and Willful Dissemination of False Information Concerning COVID-19 Infection, Imposing Penalties for Violation Thereof, and for Other Purposes,” was enacted to prohibit anyone who will make untruthful claims and malicious imputation of the COVID-19 sickness.

Passed on May 14, 2020 under the 8th Special Session of the City Council of Valenzuela, the ordinance penalizes those who will violate the ordinance with the amount of Php 5,000 or render socio-cultural services in Valenzuela City like re-packing of relief goods in the City Alert Center, distribution of relief goods in various barangays, or other community services as may be authorized by the City Mayor or his authorized representative.

Minor offenders under fifteen (15) years of age who are taken into custody shall be released to his or her parent, guardian, or nearest relative. The CSWDO will also determine an appropriate Intervention Program in consultation with the child or to the person having custody of the child.

Those who are above fifteen (15) years but below eighteen (18) years of age shall be turned over to the CSWDO not later than eight (8) hours after the apprehension. Parents/guardians and the minor offender shall both undergo an Intervention Program through counseling or community service. Failure to comply will be summoned before the Barangay Council for the Protection of Children (BCPC) or may be penalized in accordance with the Code of Parental Responsibility (Ord. 396 S. 2017).

Moreover, a child caught under the influence of alcohol, illegal drugs, or has committed other offenses punishable under the Revised Penal Code shall still be turned over to the CSWDO.

With this ordinance, all constituents are encouraged to take appropriate actions and behavior toward the COVID-19 pandemic.

2020-05-22 | By: Jennyvie Leonardo / Public Information Office

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