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Dugo-dugo gang members fall in Valenzuela
Dugo-dugo gang members fall in Valenzuela
Photo by: Beng Bautista and Rafael Carpio Cañete
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Seven members of a crime syndicate notorious for swindling money and valuables out of its victims have been recently arrested by the Valenzuela City police.

The Lucila Cruz Dugo-Dugo Gang members were caught in an entrapment staged by the police on September 15. The police had received complaints from a woman whose teenage relative was contacted by the syndicate and told to bring her grandmother’s money and jewelry to a commercial center in Valenzuela City.

Facing estafa charges now are: Lucila A. Cruz, alias Sheila Santos, gang leader; Ronaldo C. Apillado, 39, Paula Y. Garcia, 31; Janet D. Calayag, 25; Ferdie G. De Guzman, 31; John Ryan F. Santos; and Gerald R. Cruz, 32.

Based on police reports, Kim Karla Opiniado, 18, Caloocan resident, was called up by a woman who told her her grandmother Evita Opiniado, 65, had a vehicular accident and so badly needed money. The woman instructed Kim to collect the money and jewelry in the older Opiniado’s room and bring them with her to Expo Commercial Center in Barangay Maysan, Valenzuela City.

On her way to the Expo, Kim dropped by the house of a relative, Emily Bardon, who called Opiniado to confirm whether the accident really happened. Having been told by Opiniado that there was no accident she was involved in, Bardon contacted the Valenzuela City police.

The police then made plans for an entrapment. Along with them, Kim proceeded to the Expo and handed Apillado her grandmother’s money and jewelry. The police, who had been hiding around the place, arrested Apillado, in whose possession were recovered Php98 thousand worth of cash and Php30 thousand worth of jewelry.

Apillado’s arrest disturbed gang members de Guzman and Santos, and Gerald R. Cruz, who fled on two motorcycles. The police gave chase, the pursuit ending at an apartment along Decena Street, Barangay Arkong Bato, where Lucila A. Cruz, Garcia, and Calayag were nabbed. 

2015-09-18 | By: Beng Bautista and Rafael Carpio Cañete

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